Making our streets safer

For too long, our town has been blighted by crime and anti-social behaviour. I have worked with both Harlow Police and the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Roger Hirst, to crack down on this crime - as well as working hard in Parliament to deliver tougher sentencing for criminals. 

More bobbies on the beat

I have been working hard to ensure that Harlow gets its fair share of extra police officers from the Prime Minister’s recruitment of an extra 20,000 police officers. 

Over the past two years, our local police have been bolstered by an extra 20 officers to make our streets safer. As the recruitment drive continues, Harlow will continue to benefit from hundreds of more officers joining Essex Police. 

Tougher sentencing

To make our streets safer I have voted to end the early automatic release of serious criminals. This has been coupled with tougher sentencing for criminals to make sure their sentence reflects the crime they have committed. 


Town centre police team

Our town centre must be safer and that means cracking down on anti-social behaviour. Working with the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Harlow Police have put in place a specific town centre police team conducting regular patrols. 

I have hosted regular round table discussions with shop workers from across the town centre to hear about their experiences. This has led to more CCTV and a direct business phone line - for businesses to the police - being established to support local businesses. 

Giving the police the powers they need

As well as recruiting new police officers I am doing all I can to make sure they have the backing they need to protect us.

Things like extending stop and search, additional funding to significantly increase the number of officers carrying a Taser, equipping officers with the powers and tools they need to keep themselves and all of us safe, including body cameras. 

I will be voting to enshrine the Police Covenant into law and Police will be empowered by a new court order to target known knife carriers, making it easier for officers to stop and search those convicted of knife crime.

Anyone charged with knife possession will appear before magistrates within days not weeks. Those who use a knife as a weapon should go to prison.